Why Does My Ice Maker Freeze Up?

Why Does My Ice Maker Freeze Up?

As ridiculous as it sounds, ice is harmful to an ice machine. An ice machine freeze-up is the situation where the ice machine can’t release vapors off the evaporator plate. The water which continues to flow then freezes. With time, that block of ice keeps increasing, and can even damage your ice machine. Ice machine freeze-up damages are costly to fix, so you must stay alert to this problem.

There are multiple causes for ice machine freeze up. Here are some of the most common ones.

Malfunction of Bin Control

The amount of ice in the storage bin is controlled by the bin control. It regulates when the ice machine needs to produce more ice, and when it needs to shut down. Malfunction in the storage bin control can lead to excessive ice production until it goes into the drop zone and goes back up in the machine, causing the machine to freeze up.


In your ice machine, scale is caused by hard water or saline water. Magnesium and calcium combine and cling to surfaces when water is constantly flowing. You’ve probably noticed scale building around your faucets or on the shower floors if you live in a hard water area.

Ice is made by circulating water through a frozen evaporator plate. As the water runs, it gradually freezes, eventually forming a cube. The machine collects the ice when it has grown large enough. Flowing water also aids in the release of the ice, letting it fall into the storage container.

When the evaporator plate is covered by scale, the ice collection is difficult. This results in some ice getting left behind, thus getting deposited there and freezing up your machine.

Clogged Water Lines

The water line is what gives the water to the ice machine that is later turned into ice. Clogged water lines due to mineral build-up or frozen water inside the lines can disrupt the ice machine’s processes as it won’t receive enough water. Lower ice cubes production means the machine will not let the ice cubes off the plate, leading to deposition of ice cubes which increase in size over time and causes the machine to freeze up.

Float Switch Problem

A float switch is a switch that is responsible for controlling the water that is to be used in a particular freezing cycle. Float switch malfunctions lead to the machine producing larger cubes of ice, as there is no control of the water, thus making ice cubes that can’t be released off the plate. This again results in the deposition of ice and leads to the machine freezing up.

All these problems can be avoided by efficient cleaning, maintenance, and service of the ice machine. If your ice machine has frozen up or is having any problems, you can contact LA Ice Machine. We provide ice machine cleaning and maintenance services. We also provide ice machines for commercial or office use, and you can rent ice machines as well. For more information, contact us on +18183403644 or email us at LAICEMACHINELLC@GMAIL.COM

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