Why Does the Shape of the Ice Cube Matter in Your Drinks?

Ice Cubes

Why Does the Shape of the Ice Cube Matter in Your Drinks?

Forget glassware, ice picks, tongs, and shakers. Whether it’s a glass of sweet lemonade or juice, ice cubes are one of the most essential elements of a good drink. But did you know that ice cubes are available in different shapes and sizes and that the dimensions of an ice cube play a vital role in how your drink tastes from start to finish?

According to research, the more surface an ice cube has, the more heat it absorbs, which increases the melt rate. For example, square-shaped ice cubes melt faster compared to large spherical ones. This is why you need to be extra picky about which ice cube shape you use in your drink. Having ice isn’t only essential to keep your drink pleasantly chill, but the ice cube shape also affects how watered down your drink will be.

1. Crushed Ice

A staple for many drinks like mojitos and mint juleps, crushed ice is used in strong-flavored drinks as it keeps the beverage cold as you enjoy every sip. Crush ice can be made in two ways:

  • Method 01: This is the easiest way, as all you need to do is purchase an Ice Crusher and let the machine do its job.
  • Method 02: However, if you are short on cash, a more strenuous way to make crushed ice is to freeze water in a bag and whack it with a muddler or mallet until the ice has been completely crushed.

2. Cylindrical Ice Cubes

If you are serving a drink in a tall glass, cylindrical ice cubes are a perfect choice. First of all, the ice cubes will easily fit inside the glass and will melt slowly, making it ideal for drinks that don’t require much dilution.

3. The Classic Square Ice Cubes

We have all seen and used square ice cubes at least once in our lives. The cube-shaped ice blocks aren’t only versatile and make a nice presentation when stacked over one another in transparent glass. The best thing about square ice cubes is that they work well with both shaken and stirred drinks. However, note that these ice cubes are thinner, and they melt faster.

4. Sphere or King Ice Cubes

Sphere or king ice cubes are leading the craft cocktail ice bar in the modern world. They are perfect for maintaining the temperature of a drink. Compared to other types of ice cubes, Sphere or King Ice Cubes melt at a slower rate, making the drink less dilute and ensuring that the taste remains the same until the last sip. These kinds of ice cubes are usually used in high-end cocktails and to serve liquor over the rocks while keeping the full flavor.

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