Why Ice-O-Matic Ice Machines are the Right Ones for Your Business

Ice-o-Matic ice machine

Why Ice-O-Matic Ice Machines are the Right Ones for Your Business

Ice machines can either seem luxurious or industrial, but Ice-O-Matic’s wide range has made these machines more accessible than ever. Whether you need a small dispenser for your office or a reliable heavy-duty machine for a restaurant, you can find the right option in Ice-O-Matic’s product lineup.

Here are the benefits that these machines offer.


Whether or not you have experience with ice machines, Ice-O-Matic machines are easy to operate, service, and maintain. Most commercial ice machines come with many instructions and complicated parts, making it difficult for you to troubleshoot or clean them. However, Ice-O-Matic makes straightforward devices that don’t cause much trouble for you.

You can also find detailed cleaning instructions for each machine series on their website.

Compact and Portable

The small size and portability of Ice-O-Matic machines make them ideal for kitchens or bar counters. You don’t need extra help to move these machines, and you can use them anywhere in your space. This portability also ensures the optimal performance of the ice maker. For example, if you feel that the kitchen’s high temperature affects your ice machine’s performance, you can move it to a well-ventilated, cool area without any hassle.

Wide Range of Options

Ice-O-Matic creates a wide range of machines that you can benefit from. These machines are suitable for restaurants, bars, coffee shops, hospitals, and residential homes. Due to various options, you can choose a machine (or machines) that suit your need and budget. Here are some of their best-selling products:

  • Flake Ice Machines: Suitable for chilling and displaying meat or other foods and drinks
  • Undercounters: Suitable for commercial spaces with less space
  • Ice Dispensers: if you don’t want a commercial-grade machine, get a low-maintenance dispenser
  • Ice Storage Bins: Allows you to store your ice, so you never run out of it
  • Water Filters: Helps you produce clean and crystal-clear ice

All their machines come with a warranty longer than any other machine company’s. They also have built-in anti-microbial components to prevent bacteria from contaminating the ice.

Better Quality of Ice

Not every ice machine produces ice that can meet your requirements. You may need different shapes or sizes to make perfect drinks or display salad bars, poultry, etc. Ice-O-Matic can deliver the ideal shape and size of an ice cube. In addition, their machines are filtered, which also enhances the quality of ice. Unfiltered water produces cloudy cubes and changes the taste of the drinks. The filtration technology of Ice-O-Matic machines delivers crystal clear ice each time.

Keep Your Ice Stocked

Most restaurant owners neglect cleaning their machines because they don’t have any space to store their ice. Ice-O-Matic offers storage bins where you can keep your ice stocked and turn off the ice machine to deep clean it. This way, you’ll have ice for your customers and a clean machine.

Drink laid on ice

If you need an ice machine for your business in Los Angeles, get in touch with our specialists now. At LA ICE MACHINES, we offer a complete solution, including installing your commercial ice machine per the manufacturer’s specifications, registration for warranty, and maintenance and repair. Contact us to get started.

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