Why is My Commercial Ice Machine Not Producing Ice?

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Why is My Commercial Ice Machine Not Producing Ice?

If your ice machine not producing ice? This commercial ice machine issue often occurs because of the machine freezing up or not switching on. The problem can be identified quickly by hiring a qualified technician. This guide will discuss common signs to look out for and assess them before professional help arrives.

Lack of Breathing Room

To operate efficiently, your commercial ice machine needs space which can be less in high-traffic areas such as a restaurant kitchen. An air-cooled ice machine typically needs at least six inches of space around it to breathe and produce ice optimally. Thoroughly read your instruction manual to determine whether it needs more space.

Improper Cleaning Regimen

Give your commercial ice machine proper cleaning and maintenance regularly, and pay close attention to its filter. This will remove microscopic mineral deposits and scale, which builds up over time, causing the ice machine to break down and inhibit ice production.

Failing to follow a regular cleaning regimen is one of the primary reasons why your ice machine may not be producing ice. Follow the cleaning instructions provided in the ice machine manual for better cleaning. Our professional ice machine repair technicians recommend replacing its filter once every six months to remove grime and deposits.

Dust in Condenser Coils

Since commercial ice machines are installed against a wall, it’s common for their condenser coils to accumulate oi, warm air, and dust. When the coils trap these elements, they can’t filter the air properly. When left unaddressed for a long time, the coils soon grow a furry coat of grime and dust.

As a result, the ability of coils to get rid of excess heat is inhibited, preventing the machine from producing ice. To remove this dust from the coils, clean them with a damp cloth. Removing grease, however, can be much trickier and requires a specially formulated cleaning solution or chemical.

Too High or Too Low Water Level

This is another commercial ice machine issue that inhibits ice production. If the water level is too low, large amounts of high-quality ice can’t be produced. Too high water levels will produce a lot of ice, clogging up the insides and freezing up your ice machine.

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