Your Ice Machine Isn’t Working Properly? Here’s Why!

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Your Ice Machine Isn’t Working Properly? Here’s Why!

An ice machine is among the most used appliances at home and in commercial establishments, especially in Los Angeles. Here are some common reasons why your ice machine isn’t working and ice machine troubleshooting tips you should know about:

Blocked drain

One of the most common reasons for ice machine problems is a blockage in the drain line. This can happen if the ice machine isn’t properly maintained, if the dispenser bin is leaking, or if water lines have become damaged.

A simple way to determine if this is the case is to check your water line for leaks and look for white-colored gunk near the drain. Hire a professional technician who can thoroughly inspect and repair the drain if necessary.

Ice is Stuck in the Mold

Another issue that can cause problems for your ice machine is when the ice maker makes ice but doesn’t release it into the mold. Fortunately, this is quite easy to fix. First, check that the lever at the bottom of the ice maker is not sticking or jammed in any way. Then, pour warm water into the mold to manually break the ice out. If this doesn’t work, try to remove the ice bin from the ice maker and check for any blockages.

Malfunctioning Water Filter

If you have a water filter installed in your ice machine rentals, be sure to check that it is properly attached and functioning properly. If it isn’t, check to ensure that water is flowing into the filter from the dispenser. If you still can’t get the water to filter through the filter, have the system repaired by a qualified technician as soon as possible.

Ice Maker is Paused

There is a pause setting on most modern commercial ice machines designed to help you conserve water and energy by temporarily pausing the machine when you don’t need it. If the ice machine is not making ice, check the pause button and ensure it’s not in the paused positionCommercial ice machines for rent

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