Your Ultimate Commercial Ice Machine Cleaning Checklist

Commercial ice machine

Your Ultimate Commercial Ice Machine Cleaning Checklist

Commercial ice machines need regular, thorough cleaning to ensure safe and pure ice production. Ice bins are exposed to dust, viruses, bacteria, and human contact, which cause ice contamination.

This will not only make your customers and guests ill but also lead to losses for your business. So make sure that your ice machine is cleaned and sanitized 2–4 times each year. Follow this commercial ice machine cleaning guide to ensure your machine functions optimally.


Before cleaning the ice machine, a certified technician will thoroughly inspect it as an important part of the checklist. They will review the manufacturer’s manual to verify pressure and temperature guidelines. The inspection includes:

  • Ensuring that the water system’s pressure is adequate
  • Checking the interior temperature of the unit
  • Testing the controls and evaluating their condition
  • Checking the wiring’s condition
  • Inspecting fasteners for corrosion
  • Checking the hoses, bearings, water sensors, distributor parts, screen, and reservoir valve


Before cleaning your ice machine, drain all water from the water lines and reservoir and throw away stored ice. The next step is disconnecting the water supply so that water doesn’t enter the system during cleaning.  

Starting disassembling the unit and, while doing so, inspect each component to ensure they don’t have mold, slime, or scale buildup. If they do, wash and disinfect them thoroughly. The evaporator plates must also be free of iron, calcium, or lime buildup.

According to ice machine manufacturers, each machine requires a specific cleaning solution, so you must clean each part with the solution recommended by your manufacturer. Next, flush the water system and circulate cleaner through the system once all water is drained.

While the system dries, remove all components and clean them with the recommended solvent. Remember to clean the ice storage bin and remove grease and debris from the condenser coil. Replace the water or air filters and reassemble the unit once everything dries completely. The last step is to clean the ice machine’s exterior.

Restarting the Machine

After reassembling all components and reconnecting the water lines, let the machine produce some ice. Adjusting the ice level sensor is an important step to ensure the machine generates the required amount of ice.

Before letting the guests or staff use it, run two ice cycles to ensure the machine is clean and functioning properly.

Clean ice machine produces clean ice cubes

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