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LA ICE MACHINE, LLC. prides itself in being a provider of
rental commercial ice machines. Our rental ice program includes: Ice Machine, Bin or Dispenser, Water Filters

We believe that hard work has dignity and results
should be the measure for reward.

We believe in the human spirit and the AMERICAN dream.
We assure only the best service without compromise.
Excellence in service is our commitment to you.

We will always endeavor to deliver the caring
customer service that you deserve.

Commercial ice machines and ice dispensers are the backbones of hospitals, restaurants, corporate offices, hotels, and
many large facilities. As with anything for commercial use, commercial ice machines are used so frequently they might require regular repairs, inspections, and replacement.

That is precisely what you get when you rent ice machines online. Recruit our commercial ice machine rental services
online, and you won’t have to buy a Koolaire machine and all the maintenance it entails. Your ice machine subscription also
comes with a water filter, ice dispenser rental, and biannual preventive maintenance.

Rent ice machines online, and you won’t ever have to face downtime.

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Meet The Vice President

Nicholas Zastoke - Bio

Hi, I’m Nicholas Zastoke, an entrepreneur, and I serve as the Chief Financial Officer and Vice President at LA ICE MACHINE. The Bachelor of Science in Business Management degree I earned from CSUN put me on the path to becoming an
entrepreneur and successful businessman. Possessing a wealth of expertise working with customers and providing services in a variety of commercial settings such as restaurants, hospitals, hotels, or corporate places – I am ready to make my mark in the world!

Thanks to my extensive experience and ongoing professional development, I have developed a special rapport and solid contacts within the industry, which have enabled me to
contribute to the success of every setting I am involved in.

As a businessman, you are in charge of every aspect of production, from brainstorming ideas to promoting the finished goods. As an entrepreneur who worked hard to build his empire from the ground up, this has made me an excellent multitasker and jack of all trades. I have acquired valuable experiences in a wide range of domains and honed my skills in several aspects. My problem-solving and swift communication abilities have fur