Top Hat Ice

Add Charisma and Oomph to Your Specialty Drinks

You have the music, experienced bartenders with amazing cocktail recipes, and the perfect ambiance to set the stage. All you need is that oomph factor to raise the bar. Do it by going for a unique type of ice, like the top hat. It’s specialty ice that will wow your crowd. More importantly, the personality and sophistication it brings to the beverage menu are anything but ordinary.

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Top Benefits of Top Hat Ice

Also known as gourmet ice, fancy ice, or octagon-shaped ice, top hat ice looks like a hat featuring a flared base and a round top. Multiple reasons make this ice popular and a preferred choice among high-end restaurants and local bars that want to compete with an edge.

Stunning Visual

Top hat ice is the perfect addition to a delectable artisan cocktail at a bar or a fine-dining restaurant. The smooth and crystal clear appearance and the unique shape of the ice make drinks look aesthetically pleasing and Instagram-worthy. Indeed, it beautifully enhances the experience of dining at an upscale restaurant.

Superior Performance

Measuring 1” high and 7/8” in diameter, top hat ice offers more than just aesthetics. These ice cubes have been designed for performance. For example, these ice cubes:

  • Have a slow melting rate
  • Are tough to bite and chew
  • Don’t dilute drinks
  • Don’t clump together

Can Be Added to Different Beverages

With top hat ice, unleash your creativity. You can use this type of ice in different beverages. It’s the best choice for:

  • Cult classic-coffees
  • Craft cocktails
  • High-end alcoholic beverages

With top hat ice, go creative and add it to any cold beverage you want to add personality and visual appeal. It’s all you need to stand out and win the hearts of your customers.

No Capital. No Hassle. Just Ice

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