Create Dazzling Presentations

Flake ice is soft and small with roughly a 70% ice to water ratio which allows it to stick together. Businesses everywhere use this functional ice style for a multitude of reasons.
Many of our customers in the seafood industry use this ice type to create elaborate seafood presentations that showcase their offerings and amaze guests. Flake ice makers are a must have for oyster bars. Not only does flake ice keep oysters cool but also holds them in place on a tray.
Some of our customers in the bar and nightclub industry get creative and use this ice to hold bottles and cans in place so guests can see a selection of drinks.

Great for Specialty Drinks

For customers who prefer crushed ice for their drinks, flake ice is a great choice for a Mai Tai or margarita. Its porous structure allows it to absorb liquids and retain flavor.

A Reliable Ice Supply

Both Manitowoc and Hoshizaki flake ice machines use an easy to service auger design which delivers a steady flow of ice. Combined with Laicemachine Ice’s routine maintenance, we keep auger systems running smoothly and prolong the overall life of flake ice makers.

A Versatile Option for Businesses Across Industries

Soft in consistency and light texture, flake ice provides a versatile cooling option to businesses across industries. Featuring a 73 percent ice-to-water ratio, flake ice is moldable and cools rapidly, making it the ice of choice in fish markets, healthcare institutions, grocery stores, restaurants, and buffets.

So, if you need flake ice for food displays, storage, transportation, or medical applications, you have come to the right place. Benefit from our no-capital and no-hassle specialty ice machine rental program.

Get the best flake ice machines from top industry brands at a low fixed monthly rental fee- all inclusive of free installation, filter change, scheduled maintenance, and repairs.

Top Benefits of Flake Ice

Here’s how you can benefit from flake ice:

Visually Appealing Food and Beverage Displays

The snow-like appearance of flake ice helps create a visually appealing display of seafood, freshly cut meat, and beverages in drink tubs. It elevates your presentation while filling the gaps around the food, ensuring no warm air pockets.

But that’s not all; flake ice is also an excellent option to keep salad bars fresh at restaurants throughout their long business hours and bottled and canned alcoholic beverages icy cold in nightclubs and bars. It can also be used at oyster bars to keep oysters fresh. Put simply, whatever you wish to display or serve- if you want it to stay cold and look dazzling flake ice is your best bet.

Delight Fans of Frozen Drinks

Impress and delight customers with chilled slushies, smoothies, and delicious cocktails like mojitos, LITs, Margaritas, and daiquiris with flake ice. This ice type helps you serve delectable drinks hassle-free and without the blender. Most blender blades and blenders get damaged when crushing ice cubes, but with flake ice, you don’t have to worry about that. All your staff has to do is grab the flake ice, toss it into a cocktail, and serve.

Store Medicines

Another benefit of flake ice is that you can use it for medicine storage and treatments at hospitals and medical clinics. Unlike regular ice, which can be sharp from the edges, flake ice is soft, making it the best option for freezer bags and treating muscle sprains and physical injuries. It is soft on the skin and has superior heat absorption properties facilitating faster recovery.

No Capital. No Hassle. Just Ice

No matter what your industry type is , we will help you find the perfect ice-making equipment that fits your business’s requirements.

Partner With the Ice Expert for Continuous Flake Ice Supply

Investing in specialty ice machines can be costly upfront- let alone the routine maintenance and repair cost. But don’t worry; LA ICE MACHINE has a feasible option. Join our rental program and get the perfect model of ice machine you desire at a small fixed monthly rent- repairs and replacements are included.