Dice and Half
Dice Ice

Perfect for All Beverage Types

Do you run a restaurant or a bar that sells a variety of specialty drinks? Want an ice machine that can help you cater to the needs of all customers without incurring a huge cost or compromising on the flavor and appearance of the drink? Consider renting a dice or half-dice ice machine from us.

We offer various models of Manitowoc ice makers for dice and half-dice ice. Browse through our collection to rent the perfect ice maker for your business. La Ice Machine offers highly functional ice-making machines at a low fixed monthly rental rate, including repairs and maintenance.

With us, there is no large upfront cost or unpleasant surprises along the way. Our pricing is fixed, and product performance is top-notch.

Top Benefits of Dice and Half-Dice Ice

As the name suggests, dice ice is a four-sided cube that looks like a dice. And half-dice is similar in nature, but it is half the size. It has a rhomboid shape. Here are some of the many benefits of dice and half-dice ice:

Provides Maximum Cooling

Dice ice offers maximum cooling. The symmetrical shape of dice ice ensures the ice melts slowly, keeping drinks cold for a long time. People can enjoy their conversations and have a delightful time at the bar while sipping their favorite drinks without worrying about ice diluting the flavors of their beverages. Hence, they are perfect for high-volume bars and busy restaurants that want to serve all their customers chilled beverages to their complete satisfaction.

Packs the Glass Beautifully With No Gaps

Another benefit of dice ice is that it packs the glass beautifully. These ice shapes (dice and half dice) fill the glass more tightly than nugget ice and square ice. It leaves very few gaps between ice hence, limiting overpours.

Blends Easily

Half-dice ice is an excellent option for frozen cocktails and smoothies as it blends easily and fast. Furthermore, due to its ability to break down smoothly, blending drinks in the blender is safe and simple because it doesn’t damage the blades.

No Capital. No Hassle. Just Ice

No matter what your industry type is , we will help you find the perfect ice-making equipment that fits your business’s requirements.

Rent a Dice or Half-Dice Ice Machine Today

Fulfill your customers’ needs at a high-traffic bar by renting a dice or half-dice ice maker from La Ice Machine. We offer the widest range of dice and half-dice ice machine models by Manitowoc. Our rental fee is low and all-inclusive of preventative maintenance, repairs, and replacements.