Half Cube

Cold beer bottle with smoke with ice cube

Half Cube

A Uniquely Shaped Ice Cube

Many of our bar customers choose the dice cube for its rhomboid shape which looks exceptionally good in cocktails served on-the-rocks. Dice cubed ice is symmetrical and melts slowly, making it a favorite for high-volume bars and restaurants that specialize in serving top-shelf spirits.
Half dice ice is one of our most popular ice shapes. This unique, thin shaped cube is perfect for bars looking for maximum cooling and capacity. At 96 cubes per pound of ice, half dice fills glasses leaving very little space in between cubes, making drinks look fuller and limiting overpours.

Fast Ice Production for All Business Sizes

LA ICE MACHINE customers love Manitowoc’s dice ice machines and half dice ice machines for their high output and fast production. Whether large or small, Manitowoc has dice and half dice machines that produce anywhere from 500 to 1800 lbs every 24 hours!

No Capital. No Hassle. Just Ice

No matter what your industry type is , we will help you find the perfect ice-making equipment that fits your business’s requirements.