Ask the LA ICE MACHINE Specialist

It is recommended that a preventive maintenance be performed a minimum of every 6 months or sooner if water conditions are poor.
No-manufacturers warranty covers defects in workmanship and repairs of defective parts only.
Your ice machine does not come with a water filter unless you bought one as an option. Every ice machine should have a water filter to protect the ice machine from scale and mineral build-up and provide pure clean ice.
The size of the water filter will depend on the size of your ice machine. LA ICE MACHINE can help you determine the proper water filter size.
The manufacture recommends that you replace the water filter every six months.
The manufacture warrants to the original owner that the ice machine will be free from all defects in material and workmanship and will perform adequately under normal use if properly in-stalled and maintained as outlined in the warranty statement furnished with your new ice machine.
LA ICE MACHINE can tell you what is under warranty with the model number and serial number of your ice machine.
Our staff will help you determine what your best options are for the location of your ice machine. We can do a site survey for you at no charge.
You can but we have found that customers who install their own ice machines have more issues and blame the ice machine for not working properly due to a lack of understanding about the start-up and operation. Once an ice machine has been installed, it needs to have a proper start-up and adjustment to insure that it’s working properly as designed. The adjustments are not covered under warranty.
To have an ice machine that is maintained and sanitized on a regular schedule. To know you will never need to pay for repairs or maintenance again. As your ice needs change, you can easily adjust to a machine that better fits your needs. As a rental customer enjoy a trouble free experience and to know you will always have the amount of ice you need.
Not everyone is eligible for the program. The qualifications are: . Reliable customers with a track record of success. . Businesses with a demonstrated year-round requirement for ice. . Environments hospitable to ice machine performance. . Business practices consistent with our philosophy of respect and dependability.

Reliable Customers:

LA ICE MACHINE makes a significant ice machine investment on behalf of each customer, so they don’t have to do so. It is important to select customers that demonstrate the ability to remain a customer for years to come. If we select too many customers that are not successful in the long run, we will have to increase our prices. Our intent at LA ICE MACHINE is to provide you with the best value at the most reasonable price in our industry. To do that, we’ll continue to invest in our customers wisely.

Hospitable Environment:

Ice machines work best in temperature-controlled environments with minimal airborne particulates and excellent water quality. No environment is perfect. However, our factory trained service technicians will work with you to determine the best location for your machine along with the any special maintenance requirements. If we believe the ice machine will not perform to our expectations in your environment, we will respectfully decline the business and wish you success in your endeavors.


Operating an ice machine is a partnership. We will prepare and maintain the equipment to manufacturer’s standards, which requires access to the ice machine during regular business hours. Some organizations do not open until evening hours, which makes it very difficult to achieve our expected service response times. In addition, because we are placing an ice machine worth thousands of dollars in the hands of our customers, we evaluate every to ensure they maintain their own equipment in a manner consistent with our philosophy.

No Capital. No Hassle. Just Ice

No matter what your industry type is , we will help you find the perfect ice-making equipment that fits your business’s requirements.