Sphere Ice

Creativity at its Best

Add drama and creativity to your cocktails with sphere ice balls. These oversized ice balls are hard to go unnoticed and will pleasantly surprise your customers. These ice balls will make a lasting impression on your customers because they are uncommon, unusual, and over the top, something that will delight high-end beverage drinkers.

Though Hoshizaki’s sphere ice ball machines can be incredibly expensive, you can get them on rent from LA ICE MACHINE. We offer affordable rental programs with no upfront capital or hidden cost. A monthly payment covers the sphere ice ball machine, its repair and care.

Top Benefits of Sphere Ice

If you haven’t used sphere ice in your beverages yet, you could miss out on some amazing benefits. For example:

Clearest Round Ice Balls

Sphere ice created by Hoshizaki’s ice machine is exactly what you need to stand out from the nearby local bars. This ice ball machine works differently. It injects the cleanest water into the unique evaporator chambers that make the sphere. The water gradually freezes into two spectacular half-domes that are joined to create a smooth ice ball. The machine purges impurities and offers the clearest and cleanest ice balls.

Avert Dilution

When shaved from the corners, the sphere ice ball exposes less surface area, which ensures the ice melts slowly, thereby averting dilution. Hence, you don’t have to worry about ice melting fast in the beverage and diluting it.

Add Creativity

The creative ice balls look great in the glass and are a treat to the eyes. The drinkers will not only enjoy the ambiance of your bar but savor every sip of the drink as the balls in their drinks twist and turn.- giving off a crystal-like visual appeal.

No Capital. No Hassle. Just Ice

No matter what your industry type is , we will help you find the perfect ice-making equipment that fits your business’s requirements.

Rent a Sphere Ice Machine Today

We offer the best sphere ice ball machine model by Hoshizaki. Our rental fee is low and all-inclusive of preventative maintenance, repairs, and replacements. Our sphere ice ball machine, like IM-50BAA Q, is easy to use and handle.

With this machine, you can produce nearly 500 sphere ice balls daily; that’s approximately 50 lbs of ice in nearly 24 hours. So, even if you have the busiest bar, you can ensure a smooth supply of sphere ice balls to add a touch of creativity to your specialty drinks.