Our Equipment

The Best Commercial Ice Machine at Affordable Monthly Rates

LA ICE MACHINE is the nation’s leading provider of commercial ice machine solutions for businesses across the country. We feature a range of equipment options to meet every industry’s ice needs. Our full-service subscription approach to ice machines is revolutionizing the ice business.

Because every LA ICE MACHINE customer has a unique profile in terms of daily demand and usage, we provide everyone with the best commercial ice machine model for their profile. LA ICE MACHINE carries commercial ice machines, ice bins, and ice dispensers to suit every type of volume demand.

We’ve chosen to partner with the top manufacturers in the industry for our ice machines because they are durable and dependable. Both Hoshizaki and Manitowoc manufacture their ice machines in the U.S.A. and most models are energy-efficient. In fact, many models in the Manitowoc ice machine series are Energy star rated guaranteeing optimal efficiency, plus saving money in utility costs.

Ultimately, the brand of commercial ice machine doesn’t really matter as long as you have a steady supply of ice, right? A reliable supply of ice depends more on the maintenance, cleanings and repair of the icemachine than the brand.

LA ICE MACHINE subscriptions include all routine preventive maintenance, repairs and two comprehensive cleanings per year. We also replace the water filters every 6 months. Standard water filter replacements are Free! Icemachine subscriptions offer a better and more affordable option to leasing or buying.

We are invested in making sure our commercial ice machines are running at their best at all times. We have commercial ice machine models that range in production from 200lbs of ice per day to 1500lbs of ice per day. We offer air-cooled, water-cooled and remote icemachine models. Our equipment is top of the line and fully maintained by our technicians.