Please Your Crowd With Flavorful and Chewable Ice

lso known as cubelet or sonic ice, nugget ice is a healthy choice for serving people drinks at restaurants, hotels, schools, senior care facilities, and hospitals. Cubelet can be best described as uniformly shaped compressed and chewable ice measuring nearly 2.5cm.

If you want to cater to the crowd at senior care facilities, schools, or hospitals, consider renting a nugget ice machine from LA ICE MACHINE. We offer the latest models of nugget ice machines from industry-leading brands at affordable rental prices.

Top Benefits of Nugget Ice

Here are some of the top benefits of nugget ice:


Unlike other ice types, nugget ice is cylindrical in shape and porous in nature. This helps the ice absorb the flavor of the drink it floats in. Hence, the ice also feels flavorful when it goes into the mouth. This is definitely something that kids love. It is ideal for flavorful beverages, lemonades, sodas, and slushes.


Another feature that makes nugget ice different and popular among kids and patients are that it is chewable. As they look like small pellets and are soft in texture, drinkers can chew the nugget ice in their mouths. The soft texture ensures the ice doesn’t hurt or damage the teeth.

Super Easy to Blend

Another amazing benefit of nugget ice is that it is very easy to blend. The ice absorbs all the flavor of the drink. Once blended, it tastes delectable. Moreover, as its melting rate is quick, nugget ice cools drinks fast.

Rent Nugget Ice Machine Today

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