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Do you own a hotel? Then you must ensure that you are having a lot of ice for your guests. The guest numbers in the hotel will be increasing during the summer period and with the rise in the temperatures, they will need ice in their beverages. You will never find any guest who will be saying no to a good cold beverage or cocktail. For solving the issues of ice shortage in hotels, you can contact us. We have been supplying ice machines as Industrial Solutions for Hotels. These machines will be producing the needed amount office very fast. Thus you can avoid all dissatisfaction of your guests due to cold cubes.

Trust us with ice machine supply at your hotel

Most hotels have free ice machines. It may look like random equipment but ice machines play a vital role in the hospitality sector. The best hotels will include ice machines in each corridor and floor to ensure that their guests have a great experience. We take pride in supplying ice machines for industrial solutions for hotels. We are committed to identify all equipment requirements of hotels and offer personalized solutions that assist such businesses to become successful. If you wish to include an ice machine in your hotel or even replace an older one, then we will be the best choice. Our ice machines will be a great choice for hotel owners as:
  • We have been offering fine quality products from the most reliable names in this industry.
  • We have a team of experts who will offer customized services and assistance to aid you in choosing the ice machine that will be perfect for the need of your facility.
  • The ice machine we will be offering you is designed specifically for industrial use and thus we ensure that our products last for years even after heavy use.
  • Our machines are well designed for all requirements in hotels with various options like high volume and high capacity.
  • Easy placement along with a smooth aesthetic will be complementing your hotel style.
  • All our models meet the standards for energy conservation and some also exceed them. Thus all our ice machines will be an environmentally friendly choice for your hotels.

Wide range of supply

We have been servicing individual clients and professionals worldwide. We have all that businesses in the hospitality industry require to function perfectly. We have been expanding our industrial solutions for hotels.

We focus on our client’s convenience and our excellent customer service makes us the ideal choice for meeting all your professional ice supply needs in hotels.

Low monthly expense:

We can help your business in selecting the correct model of ice machine with the correct rate of production to keep all your customers happy and comfortable.

  • Outstanding service: No hotels stop working at night and so your ice machine should also keep on working. If you get hold of our subscription, we will ensure that your ice machine keeps on working 24 hours. We will offer regular cleaning and service to ensure the longevity of the machine. If you need an urgent service, we are there to assist you.
  • Be stress-free: Once you get hold of our service we will offer a maintenance service that will include sanitization and deep cleaning. Any repair required will also be checked. If your machine stops working, we will be offering complimentary ice or covering all costs needed for the replacement of the machine.
  • Smooth customer service: Hotels will be open even during holidays. As we supply ice machines for industrial solutions for hotels, hence our customer support is the operation 24*7. We have a team of skilled technicians who are also there to quickly resolving any ice machine-related issues that happen at hotels at any time.
  • Low-cost subscription: We have low-cost subscriptions for ice machines. We offer fine quality ice machines and are committed supported at a reasonable price. We will save your valuable time and money required to keep the ice machines run properly. Thus you will be able to invest most of your money in enhancing your service to satisfy your guests.

Our ice machines come with different sizing options that will fit any guest numbers on each hotel floor. The ice machines produce a huge amount of ice daily. With our low price each month you will be ensuring that all your guests can enjoy a good time at your hotel. You will be making their stay at your hotel comfortable and enjoyable at the most budget-friendly cost.

Superior service and maintenance:

Routine service and maintenance are essential for an ice machine to function properly. Most companies face difficulty to supply, clean and maintain ice machines. But we do not.

We are specialized in everything related to ice machines as they require specialized service that any average refrigeration service will be unable to offer. We have been supplying and servicing ice machines for a long time. Our team will assist you in keeping your office ice machine running perfectly. Thus your employees will always be drinking cold water whenever they want.

We come with a motivated approach to the service of ice machines. It is challenging to run an office. So tracking the next date for cleaning your office ice machine will never be on the top of your priority list. So we will be keeping track of the next cleaning and maintenance date of the ice machine for you. We will ensure that no service schedule is ever missed.

Professional customer service :

Your office ice machine may encounter an issue at the most inconvenient time. So we have a customer service that operates 24*7. If you face any problem with your office ice machine ever, contact us. Our customer support executives will always be there to address your call and assist you on the call to make your ice machine run properly again. If they are unable to solve the problem on call, one of our skilled technicians will reach your office soon and provide the necessary service.

No Capital. No Hassle. Just Ice

No matter what your industry type is , we will help you find the perfect ice-making equipment that fits your business’s requirements.

Do not waste your time, call us now

We are the provider of the best quality ice machines needed at hotels. We offer a huge variety of ice machines at a competitive cost along with smooth installations. We feature a team of experienced and skilled professionals who will be creating custom solutions that will suit the size and extent of all requirements of ice machines at your hotel. If you are still looking for more options for ice machines for your hotel, then contact us today.