Commercial Ice Bins

Versatile, Economical & Reliable Ice Storage Solutions

If you plan to equip your facility with a modular ice machine, you’ll need to install a commercial ice bin for storage as well. At LA Ice Machine, we have a wide range of ice bin solutions from some of the leading manufacturers in the industry, including Koolaire and Hoshizaki. All options are made with a stainless-steel exterior and equipped with high-quality, antimicrobial-treated insulation to prevent mold growth, unusual smells, and ice clumps.

Our ice machine rental packages include compatible ice bins based on your storage requirement, repairs, and ongoing maintenance. All systems are designed to store and deliver large quantities of square, crescent, flaked, and other types of ice.

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Learn More About Our Ice Storage Bins & Accessories

LA Ice Machine is a leading provider of commercial ice machines, dispensers, ice bins, and essential accessories to restaurants, stores, offices, hospitals, and other facilities. We offer a customized rental program that combines the best ice machines and bins from leading manufacturers like Hoshizaki and Koolaire.

Our subscription includes installation, repairs, and preventive maintenance to ensure convenience and optimal uptime. So, contact us at (818) 340-3644 to learn more about our commercial ice bins and discuss your needs with our experts.