Modular Ice Machines

It’s often the hardest to cope with the high demands of ice during peak hours or when your business is expanding unless you have access to the best ice machines. Though there are several types of ice makers, modular ice machines are the right choice when you need several hundred pounds of ice daily.

Buying the latest model of the modular ice machine comes with a high upfront cost. This purchase may not be feasible for a growing business as their needs will change over time. Hence, you may need to upgrade your kitchen equipment and machinery faster than you might think. This is where LA ICE MACHINE comes into the picture.

We offer the best, highly functional, and well-maintained modular ice machines by industry-leading brands like Hoshizaki and Manitowoc at an affordable monthly rate through our all-inclusive rental program.

Features and Benefits of Rental Modular Ice Machines

Besides massive savings in the form of no upfront capital investment or stress, here are the many ways you can benefit from a rental modular ice machine:

Heavy-Duty Ice Production

Also known as the ice maker headers, they are designed for unmatched and heavy-duty ice production. They produce ice in bulk –much more than any self-contained units featuring built-in dispensers or storage. Whether you need 500 lbs of ice daily or more than 800 lbs, you can easily find a modular ice machine that fits your ice production needs.

Versatile Solutions

Modular ice makers are versatile. They are industrial-grade machines that can be easily set up in any environment seamlessly and perform optimally. You can pair it with a storage bin or soda fountain or place it over an ice dispenser. Pairing it with extra equipment like an ice bin helps enhance the machine’s performance and store ice conveniently and in large quantities – much needed to meet the high demands.

Designed With Advanced Cooling Mechanisms

These machines are built with advanced cooling mechanisms like air, water, and remote air cooling systems. For example, a modular air-cooled ice machine has a fan internally that cools the unit to ensure the machine doesn’t overheat. It uses air to cool down the ice maker, so it consumes less water, thereby keeping your water bills low.

On the other hand, water-cooled ice machines work differently. They rely on a consistent cold water flow to keep the machinery operational and prevent overheating. It has a quiet operation and is suitable for small spaces with poor air ventilation. Evaluate and compare your options to rent the perfect machine for establishment.

Provide Superior Customer Service Experience

With modular ice machines, you can ensure a continuous supply of ice, precisely what you need to impress and delight them with icy cold beverages during the busiest hours. Serve chilled slushes and cocktails at any time of the day so they return for more.

Why Rent Modular Ice Machines From LA ICE MACHINE?

LA ICE MACHINE offers a full inventory of modular ice machines in mint condition from trusted and best manufacturers. We have different modular ice machine models for different ice production needs and ice type preferences. View our collection to rent the right ice machine for your business.

Moreover, you can get your desired modular ice machine from us at a low fixed monthly rental price. Our rental program includes professional installation, repairs, replacements, and bi-annual preventative maintenance.