Equipment and Price Comparison: Commercial Crushed Ice Makers

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Equipment and Price Comparison: Commercial Crushed Ice Makers

From restaurants to offices, grocery stores, and healthcare facilities, ice machines can be found everywhere. While we humans take pride in having created innovative inventions, we are still dependent on natural elements in many ways. For example, the wind spins turbines and steers boats, fire ignites our vehicles, powers fuels, and creates glass, and ice keeps our drinks cold, helps preserve raw meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit, and even heals injured muscles and eases pain.

Keeping a constant supply of fresh and clean ice is important not only to protect the health of your customers but to create a good first impression. But how do you find the right one? In this article, we will compare the price and equipment of the top three commercial crushed ice makers on the market. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Scotsman CU50GA Undercounter Ice Maker

If you are looking for an ice machine that is good in terms of type, brand, accessibility, and design, the Scotsman CU50GA under-counter ice maker has got everything you need. This stainless steel ice machine can produce 64 pounds of crystal-clear, odorless, and slow-melting ice per day. It is compact in size and can easily fit under a 15-inch cabinet. The ice machine’s water quality sensor technology keeps the iced-water clean. Its easy-to-use control panel informs whether the power is on, helps set a clean reminder, and alerts about the water condition. The Scotsman CU50GA under-counter ice maker can cost you $2,322.

2. Vevor ETL Approved Ice Machine

With a price tag of $1,493, the Vevo ETL-approved ice maker has a capacity of up to 99 pounds of ice and an 850W compressor that efficiently produces 144 clean cubes in just 10 minutes. The 0.9-inch ice cubes are 100% clear since it has a quality water filter that makes tap water into the purest ice cubes conceivable.

This industrial ice machine is made of brushed, premium stainless steel, making it strong and attractive to look at, making it perfect for showcasing at eateries, markets, and hotels. The ice cubes stay firm for up to 7 hours thanks to a food-grade lining.

3. Northair Commercial Crushed Ice Maker

Looking for an affordable ice machine with a price tag of $449.99, the Northair Commercial Crushed Ice Maker is the perfect fit for small or medium-sized businesses. Equipped with a 300 W compressor, this ice machine can produce 100 pounds of ice daily or 45 cubes every 12 minutes. The Northair ice machine features an automatic LED control panel, built-in blue light strips, and an easy-to-handle ice scoop.

Get the Best Commercial Crushed Ice Maker

When choosing a commercial crushed ice maker for your business, you must invest in the ice machine that best suits your business needs. While a modular unit might produce more ice, you might not have enough space to store it. This is why we recommend renting any of the aforementioned commercial crushed ice makers from LA ICE MACHINE. Our professionals will help you find the ice maker that suits your budget and needs.

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