Here’s Why Bartenders Use Spherical Ice Balls To Create Drinks

Bartender pouring a drink

Here’s Why Bartenders Use Spherical Ice Balls To Create Drinks

If you’re trying to improve your cocktail game and make better drinks, you must have come across the use of spherical ice cubes by bartenders. You’d notice a major difference when using spherical ice cubes instead of normal ice cubes in drinks such as whiskey or an iced tea cocktail.

Normal ice cubes pulled out from the freezer at home melt quickly and dilute the drink, which many people don’t enjoy. To elevate their customers’ experience, many bartenders use spherical ice in their drinks. If you’ve ever wondered why that is, this blog is for you. Read on to learn why most bartenders prefer using huge spherical ice for drinks:

Why Do Bartenders Use Spherical Ice?

To Impress Customers

One of the many reasons bartenders use spherical ice for customers’ drinks is to impress them. A crystal-clear ball of huge ice in a glass of whiskey looks amazing and is great for social media aesthetics as well.

Bartenders don’t only use spherical ice; many use different mold shapes in commercial ice machines to make ice like skull shapes, round, crescent, or whatever the customers prefer.

To Decrease Dilution

Another reason bartenders use spherical-shaped ice over traditional ice cubes is that it helps reduce the dilution.

Some customers like a splash of water in their whiskey, bourbon, or rye drinks. The water makes the drink taste good and makes it less strong. Others like to keep their drinks cool, and therefore, they use ice cubes.

The issue is that traditional ice cubes chill the drink and also dilute it, but the dilution process doesn’t stop. This is what spherical ice achieves. It keeps the drinks cool while melting slowly into the drink.

Large Surface Area

A spherical ice cube’s size is much bigger than usual ice cubes. This means the greater surface of the spherical drink isn’t exposed to the warm whiskey. Hence, it doesn’t melt as fast as ice cubes.

People believe that the ice gives off its cooling to the warm liquid, but in reality, it’s the warm drink that melts the cool ice.

Flavor and Crystal-Clear Ice

Traditional ice cubes have a specific taste which they add to a drink as they melt. The water’s taste and the odor are mixed with the drink, which can ruin its taste. Bartenders use spherical and crystal-clear ice that is made with filtered water. It’s also flavorless and doesn’t have any odor.

A bartender pouring drink using ice

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