Types of Ice Machines You Need in Your Food and Drink-Related Business

An IDT-0620A Ice Machine.

Types of Ice Machines You Need in Your Food and Drink-Related Business

Finding the right ice machine for your commercial use can be tricky. All businesses sell different items, but there are commonalities to look for. Whether you’re selling soda, alcoholic beverages, or slushies, you need to research the best ice machines in the market.

Let’s explore different types of ice machines for your food and drink-related business.

1. Flake Ice Machine

If you need to put a lot of food on display, a flake ice machine is a good choice since it can also be used in specialty drinks. Many restaurants have an oyster bar and may have fresh seafood on display. This lets the customers know the restaurant only serves fresh items, leaving a good impression.

You might need to produce hundreds of pounds of flake ice every day to keep your food displays fresh. Creating the perfect alcoholic drinks also requires a flake ice machine since you can add it to mojitos and other cocktails.

2. Countertop Ice Machine

This type of ice machine is cheaper than the flake ice machine since it produces a smaller amount of ice every day. It is commonly found in small businesses like diners, where customers can get a refill of ice by hovering their glasses underneath the device.

The countertop ice machine is, therefore, a good ice machine for commercial use. However, it is limited to the amount of ice it can produce, making it perfect for small businesses.

3. Undercounter Ice Maker

This is one of the most common types of ice machines for commercial use you will find in bars and restaurants. It produces up to 350 pounds of ice every day, making it very efficient for medium-sized establishments.

A KM-901AJ Ice Machine.

These machines offer convenience and make it much simpler for restaurant staff to serve customers. Whether you’re looking for regular-shaped ice cubes, or crushed, crescent, or nugget varieties, you can use the undercounter ice maker to serve all of your needs.

Running a restaurant has never been easier than by relying on this versatile ice maker.

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