Why Does the Shape of Ice Matter While Making Cocktails and Beverages?

Ice Machine for Commercial Use Make Perfect Ice for Any Beverage

Why Does the Shape of Ice Matter While Making Cocktails and Beverages?

Craft cocktails have become a standard in the bar and restaurant industries. With the growing popularity of trendy and innovative beverages, an interrupted supply of quality ice is a must. The right type of ice with a drink creates the perfect combo for a successful beverage. Traditional ice cubes can dilute a drink faster, and this is why the size and shape of the ice matter.

To get the cleanest and finest quality ice for their cocktails, bars are investing in improved ice makers or hiring commercial ice machine rental services instead of using cheap ice machines. Except for some tropical cocktails, a larger piece of ice is typically preferred depending on the beverage and the components.

Let’s look at some common ice shapes and how they affect the presentation and taste of cocktails and beverages:

Clear ice

Clear ice makes your beverage visually appealing with those pieces of crystals floating on top. Clear ice forms for beverages may be transformed into any pattern – from cubes to crescents, octagons, flakes, and whatnot! Clear ice is ideal for high-end cocktails because it melts slowly, reducing the rate of dilution, and has fewer contaminants that might affect the flavor of the drink.

Ice Cubes

Although ice cubes are not ideal for cocktails, they are excellent for use in bars and restaurants. Ice cubes are mostly used for soft drinks like fruit punches and mixed cocktails because it easily transforms the liquid in the glass into a form you can easily munch on. You can easily shake or stir the cubes to make a perfect drink.

Fruit Cocktails with Ice Cubes

Big Square

Larger square cubes are a great choice since they can be mixed or shaken to make an amazing cocktail. Bars and restaurants use commercial ice makers to create big squares that are denser and don’t melt easily. Large square ice is commonly found in classic drinks such as rum, vodka, soda water, and coke.

Spherical Ice

The most common types of specialized cocktail ice in bars nowadays are spheres and king cubes. They are ideal for maintaining a constant cold temperature with minimum dilution. This ice shape is suitable for serving high-end cocktails like whiskey.

Crushed Ice

Crushed ice is perfect for cocktails like juleps, mojito, and tiki. The harder way to create crushed ice is by putting it into a bag and hammering it down to the last piece. If you want to make it easier, get our ice machine for commercial use, which will save you both physical effort and time.

Hire Commercial Ice Machine Rental Services in LA

These beverage ice shapes provide a higher-end touch to each cocktail. Bars and restaurants need a variety of ice for various cocktails and beverages. Hire our premium commercial ice machine rental services in LA and let the machine do the magic for you. Our commercial ice machine rentals are perfect for any bar, restaurant, or small business. At LA Ice Machine, you can also find high-quality ice machines for office use and hospitals.

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