4 Things To Do Before The Ice Maker Technician Arrives

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4 Things To Do Before The Ice Maker Technician Arrives

When it’s almost time for your ice maker’s maintenance, there are a few things you need to prepare. Even the best industrial ice machine specialists require access to key parts to maintain the equipment effectively. Poor upkeep and inconsistent cleaning can shorten your appliance’s lifespan and result in a broken ice dispenser. That’s why it’s necessary to ensure your expert can complete the work efficiently and easily.

When LA ICE MACHINE’s specialists arrive, they check everything from the condenser to the compressor. Our preventive maintenance includes performing diagnostic tests on important parts. Here’s a list of things you should do before an expert arrives.

Get Rid Of The Clutter

Don’t stack things like containers or small appliances on top of the unit. Not only would the technician request that you remove these items but stacking items might obstruct an ice maker’s ventilation, which could lead to an overheated unit. So, ensure the space is clear and open enough that the professional can work properly.

When you’re getting your unit installed, ensure that there are six feet of space on all sides. If that’s not doable, you need to leave at least two feet of space. This is mandatory as every commercial icemaker is different and has parts placed in different areas.

Hoshizaki Ice Machine

Your specialist will want clearance from the front, top, and right sides of the hoshizaki ice machine. When servicing this unit, the ice maker specialist will have difficulty accessing refrigeration parts, including solenoid valves and evaporator plates, if these spaces aren’t cleared.

Manitowoc Ice Machine

The crucial components of the majority of Manitowoc ice makers are approachable from the front of the unit. Give about five inches of room from the unit’s back, so the expert can easily reach the plug. You must provide two feet of space on both sides of Manitowoc ice machines so that the technician can access the air filters.  

An ice machine technician

Control Any Ice Dispenser Leaks

Ice machines obviously require water to manufacture ice. If your ice machine is leaking, ensure that something is collecting the water. If there’s grease on the floor and it gets mixed with water, that creates a dangerous mixture that can cause someone to lose their balance. So, you need to contain the leak before your technician arrives.

Avoid Putting Electrical Components Near Water

Water becomes dangerous whenever there are electrical components and appliances present. This implies that all wires, lighting fixtures, sockets, and electrical items are kept separate from the water before the technician arrives. If electricity gets to ground itself in a water pool, someone can get electrocuted.

Dispose Of Dangerous Cleaners And Chemicals

Check to see if there are any hazardous materials or waste in your ice maker. Walking around in cramped spaces is a common difficulty for ice machine experts. If toxic chemicals and dangerous items used for cleaning or sanitizing aren’t kept in a safe location, they pose the danger of being knocked over.

If you’re looking for reliable technicians that provide non-emergency and emergency services, LA ICE MACHINE’s experts are there for you. Our ice dispenser specialists have handled all kinds of big and small repair jobs and are EPA-certified.

We also have a commercial ice machine rental program that offers an ice machine, water filter, and ice bin for a small monthly fee starting as low as $134.99. Contact us today!

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