Do High Temperatures Affect Ice Machines?

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Do High Temperatures Affect Ice Machines?

With many parts of the United States sweltering with record high temperatures, restaurants, hotels, and grocery stores in the country may encounter issues regarding the operational efficiency of their ice machines and need support from professional technicians to repair their equipment.

According to a study, the average temperature for June 2022 in the United States was 60°F (i.e., 2.2°F higher than the 20th-century average). The same study suggests that it’s the 15th warmest in the 128-year record.

How Temperature Affects Ice Machines’ Performance

High temperatures can adversely affect refrigerators and ice machines, causing them to work harder to maintain a lower temperature inside the machine. The increased pressure on the compressor often results in equipment breakdown.

According to ice machine manufacturers, the operational efficiency of air-cooled appliances drops when the outside temperature exceeds 30°C (86°F).

Refrigerators, ice machines, and freezers should always be kept in cool locations. If you have an ice machine in your facility, try to increase the flow of cool air into the appliance location. If possible, maximize air conditioning in that area.

The amount of ice produced by an ice-making machine is inversely proportional to the room and water temperatures. That is to say, the higher the temperature, the lower amount of ice will be produced.

Types of Ice Machines and How They Work

There are primarily two types of ice machines:


These ice machines use the surrounding air to cool down the refrigeration system and release heat out of the machine using vents and fans to facilitate air circulation.

When installing ice machines in a facility, strictly follow the spacing guidelines in the user manual and make sure there’s sufficient space around the exhaust and inlet of the machine for maximum airflow.

While air-cooled ice machine is highly affordable and user-friendly, they’re not energy efficient and lead to higher electricity bills.

The performance of air-cooled ice machines heavily depends upon external factors, particularly the outside temperature. Therefore, you should choose a climate-controlled location for your air-cooled ice machine.


Highly energy efficient, water-cooled ice machines depend on water, and their production levels are typically consistent.

If you need to install an ice machine in an outdoor environment or a location where the temperature is higher, use water-cooled ice machines.

Water coolers need a large amount of water to produce ice and dump excess water into the drains. This characteristic makes them costly, and several states don’t even allow people to use water-cooled ice machines unless they use a water tower.

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Commercial ice machine

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