Your Recipe to Vampire’s Kiss Martini Champagne Cocktail

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Your Recipe to Vampire’s Kiss Martini Champagne Cocktail

The vampire’s kiss martini champagne cocktail is a sparkling vodka drink popular at Halloween parties and even on Valentine’s Day. It gives you a sweet taste of raspberries, while the glass rim offers a finishing touch of red sugar. 

Though the drink can be made with variations, it commonly includes a raspberry-flavored element and has a blood-red color. The vodka recipe is very simple as there’s no mixing involved. So you won’t need any special bar tools or cocktail shakers to prepare it.

Ingredients Required

The following ingredients will be required to keep the vampire’s kiss martini champagne cocktail elegant and tasty.

  • Champagne: You can also use prosecco, but make sure it’s not very sweet and works best for this drink.
  • Vodka: You can choose plain or flavored vodka, depending on your preference. Feel free to try out new flavors and decide what you like. But remember that straight vodka doesn’t have any additional sweetness.  
  • Chambord: This is a raspberry-flavored liquor that makes this cocktail most delicious. Though it’s a little pricey, one bottle will last long.
  • Ice: You’ll need ice to serve your drink chill. You can shape the ice cubes into fangs to give your drink a spooky look for the Halloween-themed party.

Steps to Make the Drink

Once you gather your ingredients, wet the rim of a cocktail glass in raspberry liqueur. Spread red sugar on a flat plate and gently roll the edge in the sugar until it’s evenly coated. The next step is to pour half of the liqueur and vodka into the glass and top it off with champagne.

Use the back of a spoon to pour the remaining Chambord so that it floats on the drink’s surface, giving a cool layered effect. Garnish the glass with ice and other fun accessories such as gummy eyeballs, spiders, or worms.

Why You Need Chambord  

The black raspberry liqueur is made in France and has a rich, fruity taste featuring citrus and raspberry notes. Besides the vampire’s kiss martini, Chambord can be used to make fruity French martini and Chambord and Champagne.  

Ice cubes in a drink

Are you running a restaurant or a bar and need to attract more customers? Consider adding the vampire’s kiss martini champagne cocktail to your menu and other creative drinks. All you’ll need is a steady supply of ice daily to serve your drinks chill.

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