How to Keep Your Ice Machine Running Throughout Summer

Ice Cubes from a Commercial Ice Machine in LA

How to Keep Your Ice Machine Running Throughout Summer

Summer is in full bloom, and the demand for icy-cold beverages and cocktails is at its peak. Restaurants and businesses encountering a broken machine or reduced output understand the necessity to ensure their commercial ice machines perform optimally, especially during peak season. Here are some simple preventive maintenance tips to ensure your commercial ice machine keeps running throughout summer:

Keep the Commercial Ice Machine in a Controlled Environment

Keeping the temperature around your ice machine is critical for best performance. Ideally, the temperature of the location where you have placed your commercial ice machine, also called ambient temperature, should be between 45°F to 90°F. Since hot air is blasted out of the unit during the ice-making process, the region surrounding the ice maker will be significantly hotter than the rest of the room. When temperatures go beyond 90°F, the ice machine tends to get slower. High room temperatures also cause the ice in the bin to melt quicker, decreasing the overall supply of ice. To prepare for summer, ensure the air conditioning equipment can keep the required temperatures in the area with the ice maker.

High Ambient Temperature Affects Commercial Ice Machine’s Performance

Give it Some Room

Some business owners put commercial ice makers in tight spaces, obstructing the air vents and slowing down the ice-making process. There should be at least a foot of room around the ice machine on all sides. Ice machines require cool air to generate ice, and they cannot perform optimally when hot air is trapped around them. In such a case, it is important to change your ice machine’s location and position them to have enough space.

Furthermore, the ice maker can become a storage location over time, with boxes, crates, or other goods placed on top of or against it. Remove any boxes, crates, or other items near it before summer to keep the machine happily churning out ice all summer.

Keep the Ice Maker Clean

Scale, mold, or dirt buildup slows down the machine and increases the risk of malfunctions. You need to maintain the cleanliness of your ice machine regularly. For optimal performance in summer, hire a professional and get your ice machine serviced.

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