Ice, “A Forgotten Food”, and How It Can Make You Sick


Ice, “A Forgotten Food”, and How It Can Make You Sick

Take for instance the death of a healthy 15 year old boy who went home following a junior golf
tournament. Health officials were able to trace the cause back to a gastrointestinal illness that was
present in the coolers. Turns out, an employee who handled the ice did not wash his/her hands

Norovirus, although not normally fatal, had caused the young boy to die as a result of asphyxiation from
vomiting. This could all have been prevented had the proper precautions been taken when handling ice
that is to be consumed by your customers.

The easiest and simplest step by far, is to wash your hands.

The following are a couple of steps you can take:

  • Treat ice just as you would food (do not make direct contact since ice will actually preserve
  • Using an ice scooper is best, but the problem arises when it is dropped back into the bin (the
    handle which has now been touched by any and all of your employees should not go back in)

Finally, do not think that self-serve ice machines are void of these problems. In fact, they are not, since
the unit itself has to be hand-loaded. Which is why when you sign up for a quarterly maintenance (or
monthly) agreement, the ice machine unit/dispenser is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Specific
cleaning chemicals are used to flush the internals, where mineral deposits and potential pathogens can
stay dormant. Call LA ICE MACHINE today at 818-340-3644 for a quote on planned scheduled
maintenance. We have plans starting as low as $120.00 per visit**. Please call for details.

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