LA ICE Machine: One Stop Shop for ALL Commercial Ice Maker Needs!

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LA ICE Machine: One Stop Shop for ALL Commercial Ice Maker Needs!

A restaurant, bar or cafeteria owner knows how important a good ice machine can be for successful functioning of food establishment.  To ensure timely service to guests, it is important for any kind of restaurant to always have enough ice on hand throughout the day.  For example; If one hundred people are served in a day at your restaurant and most of them order cocktails or any other drink, it is imperative to have around 500 lbs of ice daily. This is where the value of the machines making ice in no time becomes an absolute necessity.

Restaurant owners cannot afford losing customers due to insufficient ice availability. Putting down customers due to improperly chilled or lukewarm drinks and food can be a major drawback for your business. It’s about compromising the quality and reputation of your restaurant. Therefore, it’s imperative to have a good commercial Ice O Matic machine that fulfills your needs in time without letting you lose your valuable customers.

There are numerous highly advanced Ice O Matic machines available for commercial purposes. Two major types are “modular and self-contained ice machines”. Here’s a brief on these types:

Modular Ice Machine

For restaurants where ice is required in larger quantities, modular machines serve the best purpose. It is a hands-on system for places that need more than 300lbs of ice in a day. This ice production unit needs a separate storage bin for ice collection.

Self-Contained Machines

These machines require lesser space than modular ones. Self-contained systems are designed to produce and store ice within the same unit. Though this type of ice machine has a lower production rate and storage capacity than modular units but for confined space restaurants, it is undoubtedly the best.

When it comes to pick one, it entirely depends upon your need. If you are running a restaurant that is regularly inundated by customers, you can choose to go with a modular one with larger ice production and storage. However, if you fall under another category where the demand for ice is not that big and have lesser space, then a self-contained ice machine is the answer.

Types of Ice

Some key types of ice are Flake, Gourmet, Crescent, Nugget, Cube and Half Cube.  Flake ice tends to melt faster than the others and gourmet ice is perfect for high-end cocktails while cube, crescent and half cube types of ice are usually found in home freezers. Nugget type ice is yet another type that are small, chewable and certainly a top customer’s preference list as they cool drinks instantly without melting away too soon.

As you move forward to make a choice on which ice machine style is needed, it is imperative that certain factors are taken into consideration.  Size or capacity, cost, speed of ice production, power source, and water source, and condenser type are some key factors that need your consideration before buying any machine.


Ice machines have certainly become an undeniable accessory for any restaurant or bar. There are many online stores offering a vast array of options and styles. LA Ice Machine is one such platform wherein you can find the best and most efficient long-lasting ice-making products. Making it easier on your budget, they even have a commercial ice maker for sale. Here, you not only get machines from top brands like Hoshizaki, Scotsman, Manitowoc, and Ice-O-Matic but are also ensured with low fixed price maintenance service. Whether its installation, filter change, repairs, or scheduled maintenance, LA Ice Machine is there to take care of your needs. You will certainly be a satisfied customer. So, there’s no looking back, just go grab the best and call LA ICE MACHINE today at 818-340-3644.

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