Innovations in Ice Machine Technology: What’s New in the Industry?

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Innovations in Ice Machine Technology: What’s New in the Industry?

Commercial ice machines are common in several industries, whether it’s the healthcare sector or the food and beverage sector. As the market for ice machines saturates and competition becomes more intense, there have been several innovations in the arena.

Our commercial ice machine rental experts have created this guide explaining what’s new in the ice machine industry. Keep reading to learn more.

Introduction of Innovative Ice Machine Water Filters

As customers demand for clean, high-quality ice cubes increases, ice machines have become a valuable asset.

Experts have tried to enhance this aspect of ice machines by replacing regular water filters with reverse osmosis filters. They’re known as the most effective filtration systems to eliminate contaminants and produce high-quality ice cubes, removing up to 99 percent of lead, asbestos, and 82 percent of other contaminants.

The process involves using higher pressure to transport the water molecules from the stronger solution (contaminated water) to the weaker solution (pure water).

Touch-Free Ice Machines

Touch-free ice machines are becoming popular. As they require minimum physical contact, it ensures cleanliness and hygiene. This makes it perfect for several commercial spaces, such as restaurants, bars, and hospitals.

All in all, we can expect to see some major innovations in the ice machine industry in the future. All these advancements will make them even more popular and common in commercial spaces.

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Close Attention to Green Practices

Commercial ice machines use a lot of power, so operating costs can rise in the long run.  Thus, there’s a focus on developing energy-efficient and water-efficient ice machines. These machines use less power without compromising the quality or the quantity of the ice produced.

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