Ice Machine Best Practices: Tips for Longevity and Performance

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Ice Machine Best Practices: Tips for Longevity and Performance

The whole purpose of buying an ice machine is to enhance productivity and make regular business operations easier. So the last thing you want is your ice machine acting up and creating further issues.

This might happen if you don’t follow the best tips for handling an ice machine. Like any other equipment, an ice machine also needs regular upkeep and maintenance to perform optimally.

Read this post as we highlight some ice machine best practices.

Make Sure The Water is Clean

The quality of the water will determine the quality of the ice cubes your ice machine will produce. Thus, using clean and filtered water is crucial if you don’t want cloudy ice that looks unappealing and unhygienic.

The water supply will also affect the life span of your ice machine water filter. Clean water will ensure it doesn’t need to be replaced as often.

Place it Strategically

The location of your ice machine also affects its service life and performance. Make sure to install it in an open space so it doesn’t heat up. Plus, it should be easily accessible so you don’t have trouble every time you have to use it.

For instance, don’t place your ice machine next to a machine like a refrigerator, as it won’t work well. Store it in a cool place to boost performance.

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Replace Water Filter

A water filter keeps your ice machine safe and your ice cubes clean. It traps any debris and dirt, ensuring you get high-quality ice cubes. Thus, make it a habit to regularly check the water filter and replace it twice a year.

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