Innovative Ice Cube Shapes and Designs for Cocktails in Hotel Bars

a cocktail made with a sphere ice cube

Innovative Ice Cube Shapes and Designs for Cocktails in Hotel Bars

If you’re in the hospitality industry, you know how important it is to pay attention to every detail. You want your guests to feel pampered by everything from the cozy bedding to the flawless room service.

You know that creating memorable experiences is the secret to customer satisfaction. However, there’s one area where many hotels fall short: serving the perfect cocktail in their bars. You might not realize it, but one small detail can make or break your drink – the type of hotel ice machine you use.

In this blog post, we’ll list innovative ice types in hotel bars to take your cocktail game to the next level.

Impress Hotel Guests by Switching to Sphere Ice

What if we tell you you can perfect your hotel’s cocktails with just one simple change? That’s right, all you need is sphere ice.

Sphere ice is an innovative ice type used in hotel bars to serve Instagram-worthy drinks. This ice cube type is a clear and smooth ball of ice that fits perfectly in a classy cocktail glass.

However, sphere ice is not just about looks. It also lasts longer than regular ice cubes, keeping your drinks chilled and undiluted. If you want to show your guests that you care about every detail, invest in a sphere hotel ice machine.

Choose Top Hat-Shaped Ice for A Fun Way to Serve Cocktails

Who says ice in beverages has to be boring? If you want to spice up your hotel bar, why not try top hat-shaped ice cubes? This innovative ice type in hotel bars is for adding some flair and humor to your cocktails.

Whether you serve top hat-shaped ice cubes with a martini, a mojito, or a mocktail, they will make your guests smile and enjoy their drinks more. This makes top-hat hotel ice machines a smart investment for hotel bars that want to show off their unique style and charm.

What if you could turn your hotel bar’s cocktails into works of art with just a twist of ice? That’s what crescent hotel ice machines do. These machines make ice cubes curved like a crescent moon, adding a dash of elegance and flair to any drink.

Whether you’re serving a margarita, a cosmopolitan, or a Manhattan, crescent ice will make it look more enticing and sophisticated. So, if you want to impress your guests with your cocktail skills, you’ll need this innovative ice type in your hotel bar.

a bartender making a drink with an innovative ice type in hotel bars

At LA ICE MACHINE, we want to be your reliable partner in providing innovative ice types to your hotel bar with our ice machines.

We offer a comprehensive range of ice machines available for rent, including crescent ice, top hat, sphere, nugget, flake, square, octagon ice, and more.

Our commitment to identifying and meeting the unique equipment requirements of hotels sets us apart. If you’re considering adding a new ice machine to your hotel or upgrading your existing one, look no further.

We also offer ice machines to restaurants and bars.

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Do you want to improve your hotel’s cocktail game? Here’s how using various innovative ice types in hotel bars can help you do it.

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