Renting Vs. Buying a Commercial Ice Machine, Which is the Better Option?


Renting Vs. Buying a Commercial Ice Machine, Which is the Better Option?

A commercial ice machine is an essential requirement for businesses in the service industry such as hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and bars. These businesses require huge amounts of ice daily to serve their customers.

The problem with a commercial ice machine is that it can be costly. The good thing is that you have options, you can either buy or rent a commercial ice machine. We shall look at the pros and cons of each option to decide which is the best solution for businesses.

Buying a Commercial Ice Machine

  • The biggest advantage of buying an ice machine is that the long-term cost will be lower compared to renting an ice machine.
  • However, buying a commercial ice machine has a significant up-front cost. On top of that, you also have to pay for regular maintenance and cleaning of the ice machine.
  • Ice machines can be affordable if you buy an average one but if you want something that is of highquality, you will have to be ready to spend some serious cash.
  • Moreover, the cleaning and maintenance will have to be done by a professional if you want to protect the life span of your commercial ice machine. Hiring professionals can also be a significant cost for smaller businesses.
  • The biggest cost that comes with commercial ice machines is the repairs that go with them. The cost includes labor and any parts that were replaced or fixed. Most repairs can cost you around $1000-$2000.
  • Therefore, it is clear that buying a commercial ice machine can certainly be costly, however, before making a decision, we must look at the renting option.

Renting a Commercial Ice Machine

The biggest advantage of renting an ice machine is not to worry about cleaning, maintenance, or repairs. Most rental companies take care of these issues as a complimentary service or at a low fixed price. If your business requires ice on a seasonal basis, then renting is the better option for you. Another advantage of renting an ice machine is that the up-front cost is much lower. If you are a startup, this option is perfect for you. Moreover, if you buy a machine that does not fulfill your needs, replacing the machine can be costly. However, if you rent the machine, swapping the machine is much easier. The biggest drawback of renting is that your variable cost will be higher which will result in the long-term costs being higher as compared to buying the machine.

Summing it up

The advantages of renting are much more while the drawbacks are less compared to buying a machine. However, if your business has a significant amount of capital and has technicians available for maintenance needs, then buying might be better for you.

For most businesses, it is better to rent a machine. If you are looking to rent a machine from a company that takes care of repairs, cleaning, and maintenance, then you should check LA ICE MACHINE. They have an astounding 44 years of experience in renting ice machines.

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