Top 3 Tips to Make Crystal Clear Ice Cubes


Top 3 Tips to Make Crystal Clear Ice Cubes

  • Service industries that require serving ice to their customers are always on the lookout for the perfect, clear, and presentable forms of ice.
  • The problem that arises is making crystal clear ice cubes. There are a few problems that businesses fail to recognize which results in bubbles or clouds formed in their ice cubes.
  • We will discuss tips that will help you produce the type of ice that is desirable for your business, making your ice as clear as possible.

1. Investing in a High-Quality Ice Maker

  • Usually, ice cubes are not clear because the water that is used is not distilled. Tap water is safe for drinking, but the chemicals in it can ruin the look of your ice.
  • If you want to make ice in smaller batches or at home, you can get distilled bottled water and boil it before freezing. This will give you crystal clear ice cubes.

However, if you need to produce ice in greater quantities for professional use, we recommend getting an ice machine that has chilled coils to improve the look of your ice. These machines are considered high-quality and can be a bit costly, however, the result is definitely worth the price.

2. Slow Down your Freezing Rate

  • The bubbles that form in your ice cubes are due to the water being frozen too fast. Quick freezing does not allow the air bubbles to escape from the water resulting in trapped air bubbles in your ice cubes.
  • To avoid this, ask your installer or a technician to slow down the freezing process of your ice machine. This will allow the air bubbles to escape, giving you clearer ice.

3. Use Distilled Water

  • As we discussed, tap water can cause cloudy ice cubes due to the chemicals prevalent in the water. Using distilled water can give you a better quality of ice but it still might not be crystal clear.
  • To ensure crystal clear ice, it is important to feed the machine distilled water that is boiled. Boiling water improves the quality of water and extracts all the air bubbles.

Summing it up

Crystal clear ice is high in demand, especially from bars and restaurants that want to leave a lasting impression on their customers.

Selecting the right ice machine, water supply, and water filter can be confusing for the average human being.

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