Top 5 Types of Ice to be Kept at a Cocktail Bar


Top 5 Types of Ice to be Kept at a Cocktail Bar

Ice cubes are a strong complementary product to drinks, especially alcoholic beverages. Bartenders around the world try their best to display their drinks at the highest standard, which is accomplished by using the right glass, ice, and liquid.

Successful bars know how to make a drink look appealing, and they do this by using a combination of different types of ice with varyingkinds of glasses. Most also use some decorative pieces like tiny umbrellas or a lemon\lime. Some even use colored drinks to make their drinks stand out from their competition.

We will discuss the top most used types of ice in bars around the world.

1. Full Cube

  • The traditional full cube is perfect to be used for high-end spirits. High-end spirits can be costly, and so you do not want to dilute water into your drink.
  • Its larger size results in a slower melting rate, keeping your drink fresh for more extended periods. Of course, the full cube is not the most appealing, but it surely protects the quality of the spirit.

2. Half Cube

  • These have a higher melting rate but are more appealing to the eye. This type of ice is perfect for drinks that are served on the rocks.
  • This type of ice is also ideal for storing your drinks as the symmetrical shape of cubes allows them to gel together, resulting in maximum cooling.

3. Flake

  • Flake ice is much smaller in size but is also very appealing to the eye. This type of ice is mainly used for storing drinks as it has similar properties to the half cube, allowing the flakes to gel together for a great cooling experience for customers.
  • Bars also use this type of ice for margaritas and Mai Tai as the small shape absorbs the flavors of the drinks.

4. Crescent

  • These offer a beautiful crescent shape which is the perfect addition to your drinks. The ice is clear, and so it gives a vivid look to the drink. This type of ice is also larger in size like the full cube, which allows for a slower melting rate.
  • These are ideal to be used with soft drinks, cocktails, whiskeys, and high-end scotches.

5. Octagon

  • This type of ice is particularly famous amongst people who love to chew on ice.
  • Bars have also started using this ice a lot due to its porous nature, which helps maintain the taste of the drinks. Octagon is ideal to be used with margaritas and slushes.

Summing it up

There are plenty of choices when it comes to ice. Bar owners typically keep more than a few types to spice up the look of their drinks and keep innovating to stay ahead of their competition.

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