Understanding the Different Types of Ice for Various Applications

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Understanding the Different Types of Ice for Various Applications

Ice cubes are used by a variety of businesses across several industries. Whether it’s a restaurant, hospital, hotel, or school, you need ice. To produce this ice, most businesses invest in a commercial ice maker as it’s portable, easy to use, and highly efficient at producing large quantities of ice.

However, not all commercial spaces use the same type of ice cubes. While a restaurant may use regular ice cubes, most hospitals use flakes or ice chips. Learn about this in more detail below.

Regular Ice Cubes

Regular ice cubes are the ones that we can find in most commercial spaces. They are used for various purposes and are the most common variety of ice types. For instance, most commercial kitchens and restaurants use regular ice while serving beverages. It melts fairly slowly compared to other ice types, making it ideal for such use.

Flake Ice

Another common type of ice is flake ice. You can find this ice most commonly in hospitals, as they are used by patients who can’t swallow water. Flake ice is easier to chew, and most patients can swallow it without any problems. It helps them stay hydrated without much effort.  Plus, it melts very fast, which makes it perfect for this use.

An image of shaved ice in a bowl

Crescent Ice

Created in the shape of a half moon, crescent ice is commonly used in bars, catering facilities, and convenience stores. They are aesthetically appealing and melt very slowly. You can find these ice cubes in most drinks in a bar.

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