What Type of Ice Machine Condenser Do I Need?

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What Type of Ice Machine Condenser Do I Need?

Ice machines serve no purpose if they fail to produce ice according to your needs and requirements. To make sure an ice machine condenser meets your’, your customers’, and your guests’ needs, you need to purchase the right type of premium quality condenser for the company. To choose the right type, you need to consider your environment, climate, production amount needed, and several other important factors.

Air-Cooled Ice Machines

The most common type of ice machine condensers use pressurized heat to cool down the device and evacuate heat from the refrigerant. This process allows the refrigerant to turn vapors into liquid.

These types of ice machines consist of built-in fans that speed up the ventilation and facilitate the cooling process by blowing air through the machine.

The performance of an air-cooled machine heavily relies on the ambient air temperature around the appliance. If you place an air-cooled ice machine in a high-particulate environment, make sure you clean it regularly, otherwise, the particle accumulation may insulate the condenser.

Water-cooled Ice Machines

These ice machine condensers use ambient water to cool the refrigerant and are best situated in poor or extremely low ventilation places. You should also use them if you’re planning to install a water-cooled condenser in a high-particulate environment.

If you use a water-cooled ice machine, make sure that the temperature of the water entering the machine isn’t exceptionally high, otherwise, the production rate will substantially decrease.

Why Should You Choose LA Ice Machine?

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Ice machines are important, not just for food and beverage industries and restaurants but also for other businesses, as access to cold, clean water and ice keeps your employee happy and boost their productivity.

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