What Will Happen if Your Commercial Ice Machine Breaks on a Holiday

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What Will Happen if Your Commercial Ice Machine Breaks on a Holiday

Commercial ice machine breakdown may occur due to various reasons, such as poor maintenance, a faulty component, or inappropriate surrounding temperature. But what if this happens during a holiday season or over the weekend when you’re expecting many guests and customers?

Ice machine breakdown during this period will not only affect operational activity within your bar, restaurant, or hotel, but you may even end up losing customers. The impact may be much worse, especially in summer, because that’s when your customers need cold drinks and chill water to hydrate themselves.

This guide will discuss alternative ways to produce ice in your commercial facility during the holiday season in case of a commercial ice machine break down.

Call Emergency Repair Services

If your ice machine suddenly breaks down, immediately reach out to a reliable repair service. Ensure the company’s technicians are well-trained and have years of experience repairing commercial ice machines. Instead of doing this research on the day your equipment breaks down, prepare a list of top commercial ice machine installation and repair companies ahead of time.

This will help you deal with the situation as soon as possible, without compromising customer satisfaction. LA ICE MACHINE has got you covered with its 24/7 emergency repair services.

Use Bagged Ice

Until your ice machine repair technicians show up, use bagged ice from your freezer. You must always have bags of ice in your freezer as backup to deal with uncertain situations like these. However, if you’re out of stored ice, immediately order enough ice bags that can fulfill your demand for the day.

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Ice Machine Rental Programs in Los Angeles

You can opt for a comprehensive ice machine rental program so that the equipment is directly delivered to the required destination. Once the rental program provider, such as LA ICE MACHINE, has assessed your daily ice production requirements, they will send in a model accordingly.

Our commercial ice machine rental program also comes with impeccable installation services and repair services. Moreover, our technicians are available 24/7 to help businesses prevent downtime. We deal in the top ice machine brands, such as Manitowoc and Hoshizaki, to ensure efficient business operations and ice supply.

We provide ice machines for hospitals, corporate offices, hotels, restaurants, and other commercial operations in Los Angeles. For more information, get in touch with our representatives today.

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