How to Store High-Traffic Ice Machines in a Commercial Setting

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How to Store High-Traffic Ice Machines in a Commercial Setting

Whether you need a commercial ice machine for your restaurant kitchen, hotel, corporate office, or healthcare facility, ensure it’s installed in the right spot. Placing it in hard-to-reach, high-traffic, or small spaces will make it difficult for the ice maker to operate optimally.

Any equipment kept in high-traffic areas not only hinders employee productivity but also presents a risk of breakdown. That’s because every machine needs sufficient space to remove the hot air from its vents. This guide will discuss the right way to store your high-traffic ice machine in a commercial setting.

Always Put the Ice Machine Indoors

You must never put your ice machine outdoors because it’s not a controlled or secure environment. So leaving it outside in the sun and heat or below-freezing temperatures is not advisable.

When the temperature around the machine is too hot, it will take longer to produce ice. Moreover, this ice is more likely to have poor quality and an unpleasant taste. Placing your machine indoors will not only produce quality ice but also prevent dirt and dust from accumulating in and on the machine. Remember that to operate smoothly, the refrigeration components of commercial ice machines need a low-humidity environment.

Choose a Dry Place for Your Ice Machine

Airborne bacteria thrive in unventilated, moist areas, so you must avoid placing your commercial ice machine in closed-off spaces or cellars. This often leads to mold buildup in or around the machine’s components over time, causing equipment breakdown or failure. When installing your commercial ice machine in a high-traffic area, choose a space with enough natural light and air circulation.

Never Install the Machine in Closets and Cubbies

Though you may be tempted to install your commercial ice machine in an area that doesn’t consume much space, this will make maintenance much harder. Placing your ice machine in a tight space will make it difficult for the technician to clean interior components. This will make maintenance time-consuming and expensive.

Lack of ventilation is another reason you must never place your ice machine in closets and cubbiesCommercial ice storage

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