Were you suddenly taken aback the moment you turned on your ice machine and whirred like a monster woken up from its slumber? Guess what? The sound your ice machine is making might be weird, but it certainly isn’t uncommon for it to happen.

In fact, most ice machines, ice makers, or stand-alone freezers make all sorts of weird noises and whizzing sounds. Even the built-in ice makers that store ice cubes for as long as it needs to, are very much capable of making sounds quite commonly.

From the sound of the speeding fan inside to loud clicks, gurgling, whizzing, whirring, sizzling, or buzzing, you can hear all sorts of sounds coming from your ice machine. However, it is sometimes better to pay attention to these sounds because they likely indicate something.

The chances are that one of the following reasons is to be blamed for the sound your ice machine is making. Take a look!

Ice Machine is Having Heating Issues

One of the most common reasons your ice machine is growling at you is because it is heating up. When the reservoir of the ice machine fills up with water, the unit practically submerges the prongs to gradually lower the temperature and freeze the water to make ice. Consequently, it proceeds to warm up the spikes to allow the ice to easily slide off down in the tray. That’s when you should be hearing the sound of cubes dropping on your tray. However, a gurgling or whizzing sound is something to worry about, and you should contact a technician immediately.
The chances are that the heating system is having a tough time working with the freezer and disallowing the flow of ice, in which case your machine may start heating up too.

The Unit’s Placement Is Off

It is crucial to always check on where you are planning to place your ice machine. Whether it is a commercial, industrial, or home kitchen, make sure you provide enough space to ventilate. Moreover, it is important that the ice machine is installed properly and is stable in its place. If you place it on uneven ground, the ice machine may vibrate while it is producing ice and cause damage to the unit. Therefore, if you hear weird noises from your ice machine and you can see it shake or move, ask a technician to help you move it and place it on a stable surface.

Level of Water Needs To Be Checked

Next in line of reasons your ice machine is making weird sounds is the level of water. All these ice-making units require a smooth water flow to things running smoothly from household, daily-purpose refrigerators to freezers and industrial ice machines. If the water line is clogged, and the machine cannot make ice while turned on, it will make loud whirring sounds of the machine trying to disengage the clog and find the water supply. Therefore, in case you hear such sounds and your ice machine is not producing ice at all or in an adequate amount, it’s time to hit up an ice machine expert.

Compressor Problems

Most ice machines have compressors attached. A compressor is a device mainly responsible for distributing cold air throughout the machine to maintain its temperature. It is usually a soundless device, and you shouldn’t hear anything as it starts or stop. Therefore, you know it calls for trouble if your compressor is whizzing or whirring. The chance is that it is plainly malfunctioning and needs to be looked at by an ice machine expert.

Water Pump Isn’t Pumping

Ice machines are made with many small, spate bits and pieces attached together to produce ice. The water pump is one such part of the ice machine that takes water from the reservoir and transfers it to the freezing components, allowing the unit to produce the cubes. Sometimes, the water pump gets blocked and, in turn, affects the entire process, halting the machine in its operation and making a knocking sound. However, a simple hack can easily fix this. All you have to do if your water pump is clogged is to remove the water filters and wires to check for dirt or debris getting collected. Next, mixing some lemon juice and vinegar to scrub the clogged area will soon reestablish optimal functionality of the water pump and, in turn, your ice machine, stopping it from making any sound.

Ice Cubes Sizing Preference

Many modern ice machines allow the user to pick the size of the ice cubes they want it to produce. You can choose small or bigger size cubes but not the latter with some issues. Ice machines do well with smaller ice cubes but producing bigger ice cubes is difficult for them. This is why you might hear different sounds from the ice machine as it is trying to fulfil your requirements but is unable to. The ice cubes may end up getting stuck instead of flowing out onto the tray and making sounds through the machine. All you have to do is change your
preference to a smaller size.


If your business has a significant amount of capital and has technicians readily available for maintenance needs, then buying an ice machine might be a better option for you. However, for most businesses, it is better to rent a machine. The reason is that the moment our machine starts to make a weird sound or malfunction, you can hit up your technician company and have it checked or replaced. So if you are looking to rent a machine from a company that takes care of repairs, cleaning, and maintenance, then you should check out LA Ice Machine. We have an
astounding 44 years of experience renting ice machines and ensuring they get the job done.

Give us a call at (818) 340-3644 to learn more.

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