Factors That Could Influence Your Ice Production

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Factors That Could Influence Your Ice Production

Do you think your ice machine isn’t producing enough ice? Increasing the efficiency and production rate of an ice machine is one of the biggest concerns of those who invest in high-quality ice machines. Several factors may affect the efficiency of an ice machine. Let’s have a look.


The production rate of an ice machine depends upon the water temperature and the temperature of the surrounding where it’s installed. If you carefully read the instruction manual of your ice machine, you can carefully find out its production capacity. If the ambient water temperature is higher than usual, its production rate will become slower.

For a maximum production rate, the optimum temperatures are 50-degrees water and 70 degrees in the air. Installing a commercial ice machine in a hot room will reduce the production rate because the unit would have to work harder to produce ice.


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Typically, an air-cooled ice machine features a fan and uses the surrounding air to cool down the refrigerant. Consequently, it gives off hot hair from the rear part of the machine, which is generally kept 6 to 8 inches from the wall. This air diffuses in all directions, but if it doesn’t get sufficient space to spread out, it drifts back towards the ventilating fan and re-enters the machine. This recirculation of the hot air causes a microclimate.

What You Can Do

You can prevent this by strategically choosing the location of an ice machine. Make sure that it’s placed in a well-ventilated area and there’s no wall, box, or clutter near the machine, specifically its fan area.

Besides, you should also ensure there are no heat-generating appliances near the machine, such as an oven or a furnace.

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