How to Select the Right Ice Machine to Avoid a Summer Meltdown

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How to Select the Right Ice Machine to Avoid a Summer Meltdown

Commercial ice machines are used in various industrial applications, especially during the summer months. So you must ensure that you get your hands on the right unit to fulfill your requirements. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect machine.  

Determine the Location

Before you delve into the types of ice machines available in the market, determine the location and space you have for them. The space you can use will impact the unit’s usability and performance. Whether you have space restrictions for placing your ice machine, consider the limitations.

Consider the Ice Production Capacity

Most people neglect this step and end up disrupting their business operations. It’s crucial to determine the amount of ice you need on the busiest day. Get in touch with the staff to discuss when and how the ice is used. You can have an estimate for the busiest day you’ve ever had at your venue and increase the requirement by 20%.

Easy Cleaning

When investing in an ice machine, operators must ensure that the ice machine is easy to clean and maintain. You need to understand how difficult things may become if an ice maker breaks down, especially on a hot day.

So opt for a reliable ice machine. Make sure its parts are readily available in the market. You get an ice machine through a rental program which includes regular repair and maintenance services at fixed monthly rates.    

Energy Consumption

To save energy, make sure you buy energy-efficient machines for industrial uses. Reducing water and energy consumption can also help businesses improve their profit margins. Ice makers require more water than the water contained in the ice produced. So if you’re looking for an energy-efficient unit, choose an air-cooled ice machine instead of a water-cooled one.


If you’re looking for a suitable ice machine for your business, consult with the professionals at LA Ice Machine. In addition to providing guidance, we also specialize in ice machine installation and repair services. We understand the specifications of different types of machines and can help you make an informed decision.

You can also opt for our ice machine rental program at fixed monthly rates for industrial uses such as restaurants, schools, hotels, and hospitals.

Reach out to us via our website to learn more.

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