The Best Ice Cube Types for Different Types of Business


The Best Ice Cube Types for Different Types of Business

No matter which business you are in, most businesses require the use of ice, especially if you are in the service industry.

Each type of ice has something unique to offer but businesses are usually unaware of that and fail to maximize the benefit of using the right type of ice.

We will discuss which type of ice goes well with different types of businesses so that you can please your customers to a greater degree.

1. Restaurants, Cafes and Bars

  • These businesses require heavy amounts of ice to present their drinks at desirable temperatures to their customers.
  • Moreover, these businesses are always looking at which type of ice will improve the look of their drinks to make them look more pleasing to the customers.
  • It is recommended to keep a mix of different types of ice to refresh the look of your drinks regularly. However, the most recommended types of ice for bars, cafes, and restaurants are full cube, half cube, gourmet, crescent, and nugget.

2. Healthcare

  • Ice is important for hospitals due to the vast number of people such as staff, visitors, patients, nurses, and doctors. People need drinks and drinks need ice! Moreover, hospitals also need ice for treating injuries.
  • The ideal type of ice for healthcare are a traditional solid, flake, half cube, and nugget. Nugget ice is recommended for people who like to chew on the ice.

3. Convenience Stores

  • These stores mainly require ice to store their drinks. Therefore, it becomes easy to find an ice type since convenience stores are not too worried about the presentation aspect of serving drinks.
  • Ideal types of ice for this business are full cube, half cube, and crescent.

4. Fish Markets

  • Seafood displays are a big thing in fish markets. Ice is essential for seafood displays because it helps preserve the fish and reduces the smell of the fish from spreading.
  • Since ice is only used for one purpose, we have a specific type of ice that is called flake ice. The small size of the ice allows the seafood displayed to remain the center of attraction.

5. High-End Uses

  • For banquet halls and up-scale restaurants/bars, gourmet ice is the perfect type of ice. Gourmet ice is also referred to as top hat ice or octagonal-shaped ice. It has a cylindrical shape that is quite pleasing to the eye.
  • Moreover, its unique shape and large size effectively cool drinks. The right gourmet ice will always be crystal clear giving tasteful customers an exquisite experience.

Parting Words

If you are still unsure of the type of ice that will be ideal for your business or if you have any other ice-related needs such as, where can I get ice from, should I rent an ice machine, etc., then we have an answer for you.

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