Why You Need a Nugget Ice Maker For Your Establishment

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Why You Need a Nugget Ice Maker For Your Establishment

From businesses and restaurants to hospitals and rehabilitation centers, every establishment needs ice for various purposes. Nugget ice, also known as pellet ice, is the most preferred ice for many reasons. It has a better shape and texture than other shapes. It offers many conveniences and enables different applications for commercial operations.

Here’s why you should get a nugget ice machine for your establishment.

Better Drinks

As a restaurant or bar owner, you need your drinks to be top-notch to attract more customers. Nugget ice can enhance the flavor of any drink. It’s great on its own and elevates the flavor of blended drinks like smoothies, cocktails, frappes, or margaritas.

More Efficient

Most times, regular ice cubes affect the efficiency of your blender or even brake the blades. Nugget ice makers produce more ice in a short time, and the ice has a soft texture that doesn’t damage your blender’s blades, even after consistent use. It breaks down quickly and creates delicious drinks in no time.

Retains the Drink’s Flavor

Your customers may love ice in their drinks, but they won’t like how it gradually removes the flavor, making them too watery or bland. With nugget ice, you don’t have to worry about this issue.

Unlike regular ice, nugget ice helps retain a beverage’s flavor for a long time. It gives better value to the customers because they enjoy the flavor in each sip and the super cold kick from the ice.

Quick to Cool

Because of the unique shape of nugget ice, it easily molds to the surface it comes in contact with, offering rapid cooling qualities. For example, if you get injured and need ice to alleviate swelling, a nugget ice bag will expand to the area of injury and help reduce inflammation and pain quickly. Therefore, many rehabilitation centers use nugget ice makers for instant solutions.

Similarly, in a commercial space, nugget ice cools any liquid instantly once you add it to the drinks, offering an elevated experience to your customers.  

Soft, Chewable Ice

In hospitals, many patients have to eat ice chips before or after surgery for hydration. Nugget ice is chewable, softer, and quenches thirst better than regular ice.

Even at restaurants or bars, many people like chewing ice with their drinks for a refreshing experience. They can only do this with nugget ice. A nugget ice machine will make your drinks much better than regular ice machines.

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Keeps Salad Bars Cool

The purpose of ice isn’t limited to treating injuries or cooling drinks; it can also keep your salad bars fresh and cool. Restaurants with salad bars should keep a nugget ice machine on site for quicker and better service.

Due to its shape and high flexibility, bowls filled with salad mold perfectly into the bed of nugget ice. It maintains the ideal temperature to keep vegetable crisp for a long time, offering a much better experience to your customers.

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